21 January 2011

"My Walks With God - One Rock + One Rock = One Rock"

One day as I was walking and praying; I found one good size rock. It fit perfect in my hand.
I continued on my walk and toward the end of the road I noticed another rock and I felt compelled to pick it up also.
Well, as I was continuing on my walk I placed one rock in my left hand and the other rock in my right hand. Laughing to myself I thought, "Maybe I'll have a good need for both of these rocks if I continue on my walk!"
I was impressed by God to bring both of my hands together, and place the rocks side by side. I was amazed to see that they fit together perfectly!.
These were two rocks which were found in two different locations; quite a distance apart, yet they looked alike. Plus, these rocks fit together. I thought to myself; "How odd!"
It was at this point in my walk that I began to think about my husband, Bill. It was like God was showing me my marriage through these two rocks; ... Bill and I fit together.
It was during this time that God spoke to my heart and showed me that it was Him who had brought us together from different areas of life's pathway, and it was Him who held us in His hands and placed us side by side. He revealed to me that He had done this great work because He knew that Bill and I was going to be placed together to do His work. We are two people but, we are one in Christ.
Since our salvation experience in 1986, Bill and I both sensed a call of God on our lives to do His work.
This is a unity in our spirits; that God has brought together to form one cause.
I finished my walk and brought my two rocks in to show Bill. I shared with him the things that God had placed on my heart.
Bill, in his usual teasing way asked; "Which rock is supposed to be me?" I told him that the shapely one had to be me and that only left the one!
I always try and base all the things that God shows me through His nature,...with Scripture
Ecc. 4:9-10
Two are better than one, because they will have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls for he has no one to help him up.
I have realized this Scripture is so true.
When I am down in the valley of gloom, Bill encourages me and helps me to climb back to level thinking ground.
When Bill is in a slump, I lift him up to the Lord in prayers and ask Jesus to lift the burdens.
The pathways that God has lead us on, has not always been smooth; but it has proved to be the best path.
Jesus has never failed us.
We have cried many times during the walk, but He hears and dries our tears. Jesus never fails to lead us to the green pastures of His resting places.
Yes, God does bless us in our marriage and He has made us one in Him as we lean on Him.
By Mary Wilson

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