21 January 2011

The Word And The Light

No-one believed that God existed,
But He was there before the world began.
Then, everywhere was only darkness
But God was there with the Word, His Son.

Then God created into the darkness.
He made the world to his own design.
The Word was with Him in his creation.
The Word was there with true life in him.

Then God made light break into the darkness,
And He made man for His own desire.
But man still chose to live in the darkness,
To live apart from the life and the light.

Then the Word became man to live as human.
He came to bring life to those who believed;
But still there were those who did not accept Him;
They stayed in the darkness without love and light

Those in the light discovered Jesus.
They knew that He as the Word of God
For they were forgiven because they believed Him.
And they chose to live with the Light of the world.

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