21 January 2011

"Show Me" -- Psalm 25

We reach a turning point with God when our "show me" changes from a demand for proof to a humble request for guidance:
"Show me Your roads, O Lord! Teach me Your ways" [Ps. 25:4].
Show me--hodieni in the original Hebrew--is the causative form of "know." Cause me to know Your roads, Lord, apprise me, cause me to be concerned with, inform me, and--a last connotation--give me the signal.
"Remember not the sins of my youth" [v. 7 ] is an expected request. The parallel, though, is not a request to remember my virtues! No, we ask , "according to Your love (chesed) remember me, for You are good, O Lord" [v. 7]. It is God's goodness, not our own, that saves us.
This goodness connects to god's teaching: "Good and upright is the Lord; therefore instructing sinners in the road...guiding the humble in justice...teaching them the way" [vv. 8-9].
Therefore, child of God, humbly ask, and God will show you what you seek.
Meditation: What is God showing me today? And how can I show God my love? 
by Pat andrews


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