30 January 2011

Winston Churchill

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

George Bernard Shaw

"We sing in a church, why can we not dance there?"

C.S. Lewis

"A man can no more diminish God's glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, 'darkness' on the walls of his cell."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

Herm Albright

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. "

22 January 2011

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Victor Hugo

A faith is a necessity to a man. Woe to him who believes in nothing.

Certain thoughts are prayers. There are moments when, whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees.

A Partnership With God

Hey, God is trying to partner with you! He wants you, to invite Him, into your life. God says: “Draw nearer to me; and I will draw nearer to you (James 4:8).” However, you’ve chosen to operate as a “soul proprietor.” God is willing to take all your worries, all your cares and all your problems. In return, He is offering eternal life, a perfect peace, unconditional love and riches in your house. The contract further stipulates that God will always protect and take care of you. It is agreed that the Power belongs to God (Psalms 62:11), but is yours for the asking. God hereby designates that He will provide all your needs and give you joy, unspeakable.
I really don’t think it gets any better than this. I mean, who really succeeds in anything alone? Many of us often wonder: “Why can’t I get ahead?” Is it possible that we can’t “get ahead” because we keep leaving God, behind? When we partner with God, we trust, whole-heartedly that He can – and will take care of us. We live our lives knowing that God has everything in control. Whereas, when we choose to operate as a “soul proprietor,” we tell God that we are in control and that He is not invited to be a part of our lives. This illustrates a lack of trust and a lack of knowing. How can we ever be successful under these conditions?
Give God a partnership in your life today and immediately receive the keys to His Kingdom
by Fran Briggs

21 January 2011

"Show Me" -- Psalm 25

We reach a turning point with God when our "show me" changes from a demand for proof to a humble request for guidance:
"Show me Your roads, O Lord! Teach me Your ways" [Ps. 25:4].
Show me--hodieni in the original Hebrew--is the causative form of "know." Cause me to know Your roads, Lord, apprise me, cause me to be concerned with, inform me, and--a last connotation--give me the signal.
"Remember not the sins of my youth" [v. 7 ] is an expected request. The parallel, though, is not a request to remember my virtues! No, we ask , "according to Your love (chesed) remember me, for You are good, O Lord" [v. 7]. It is God's goodness, not our own, that saves us.
This goodness connects to god's teaching: "Good and upright is the Lord; therefore instructing sinners in the road...guiding the humble in justice...teaching them the way" [vv. 8-9].
Therefore, child of God, humbly ask, and God will show you what you seek.
Meditation: What is God showing me today? And how can I show God my love? 
by Pat andrews


"My Walks With God - One Rock + One Rock = One Rock"

One day as I was walking and praying; I found one good size rock. It fit perfect in my hand.
I continued on my walk and toward the end of the road I noticed another rock and I felt compelled to pick it up also.
Well, as I was continuing on my walk I placed one rock in my left hand and the other rock in my right hand. Laughing to myself I thought, "Maybe I'll have a good need for both of these rocks if I continue on my walk!"
I was impressed by God to bring both of my hands together, and place the rocks side by side. I was amazed to see that they fit together perfectly!.
These were two rocks which were found in two different locations; quite a distance apart, yet they looked alike. Plus, these rocks fit together. I thought to myself; "How odd!"
It was at this point in my walk that I began to think about my husband, Bill. It was like God was showing me my marriage through these two rocks; ... Bill and I fit together.
It was during this time that God spoke to my heart and showed me that it was Him who had brought us together from different areas of life's pathway, and it was Him who held us in His hands and placed us side by side. He revealed to me that He had done this great work because He knew that Bill and I was going to be placed together to do His work. We are two people but, we are one in Christ.
Since our salvation experience in 1986, Bill and I both sensed a call of God on our lives to do His work.
This is a unity in our spirits; that God has brought together to form one cause.
I finished my walk and brought my two rocks in to show Bill. I shared with him the things that God had placed on my heart.
Bill, in his usual teasing way asked; "Which rock is supposed to be me?" I told him that the shapely one had to be me and that only left the one!
I always try and base all the things that God shows me through His nature,...with Scripture
Ecc. 4:9-10
Two are better than one, because they will have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls for he has no one to help him up.
I have realized this Scripture is so true.
When I am down in the valley of gloom, Bill encourages me and helps me to climb back to level thinking ground.
When Bill is in a slump, I lift him up to the Lord in prayers and ask Jesus to lift the burdens.
The pathways that God has lead us on, has not always been smooth; but it has proved to be the best path.
Jesus has never failed us.
We have cried many times during the walk, but He hears and dries our tears. Jesus never fails to lead us to the green pastures of His resting places.
Yes, God does bless us in our marriage and He has made us one in Him as we lean on Him.
By Mary Wilson

The Word And The Light

No-one believed that God existed,
But He was there before the world began.
Then, everywhere was only darkness
But God was there with the Word, His Son.

Then God created into the darkness.
He made the world to his own design.
The Word was with Him in his creation.
The Word was there with true life in him.

Then God made light break into the darkness,
And He made man for His own desire.
But man still chose to live in the darkness,
To live apart from the life and the light.

Then the Word became man to live as human.
He came to bring life to those who believed;
But still there were those who did not accept Him;
They stayed in the darkness without love and light

Those in the light discovered Jesus.
They knew that He as the Word of God
For they were forgiven because they believed Him.
And they chose to live with the Light of the world.

18 January 2011

John Marriott

God the Father

Thou whose almighty word
Chaos and darkness heard
And took their flight
Hear us, we humbly pray
And where the gospel day
Sheds not its glorious ray
Let there be light.

God the Son

Thou who did come to bring
On Thy redeeming wing
Healing and sight
Health to the sick in mind
Sight to the inly blind,
O now to all mankind
Let there be light.

God the Holy Spirit

Spirit of truth and love,
Life-giving, holy, Dove,
Speed  forth Thy flight
Move on the waters face,
Bearing the lamp of grace
And in earth’s darkest place
Let there be light.

God the Trinity

Blessed and Holy Three
Most glorious Trinity,
Wisdom, Love, Might,
Boundless as ocean’s tide
Rolling in fullest pride                                      
Through the world far and wide
Let there be light

John Marriott  1780-1825


There was silence and darkness, a void of emptiness.
Then Father God and I spoke, “The Word” “I and The Father are one”.  -  I was The Architect at His side.
At the sound of His voice, at His Word, were all things made and nothing in creation was made without Him and The Word.
There then unfolded the Earth and the Sun, the Moon and the Planets set perfectly timed like a gigantic clock, all timed so that the Earth could support the Life intended to give seasons, to support life and growth.  Also was the rest of the Universe formed, not by the work of hands, or sweat of the brow – but by The Word.  Then we said, let’s create Man – a living Being and in our own image – so we created Man and placed him in Paradise and we loved man and woman as were created, and then we said how will we and man know if man loves us truly.
We decided to give man a choice.
Man made the wrong choice and darkness fell down to earth and still remains in places to this very day but the darkness did not overcome The Light and The Light still shines in darkness.  But there is darkness in men still because they have not understood The Light.
We gave man the Law through the Prophets and scribes wrote down our Words so you could read and believe.  We told them of things we had planned to take place, but most men’s eyes were blind and their ears stopped.  We loved and still love man, so as planned I myself would descend to the Earth in The Flesh.
Ahead of Me I sent my Messenger John who had the Spirit of Elizah.  He was to proclaim My coming.  I came into the World in the Flesh, Son of Man, Son of God.  Son of God yes but fully human, I could do nothing by myself only what The Father showed Me and told Me to do.  I was born Jew in the Nation I had created and loved, but a Nation led by blind guides and hypocrites and full of corruption.  They heard My words and saw the miracles I performed and deep down they knew the truth was in Me, but still they rejected Me.  Yet there were those who believed in Me and My Name to these I gave and still give the right to be Children of God.
I wept for that nation but in the Flesh could do nothing and the choice, the decision, was theirs’  They rejected Me and had Me crucified as I knew they would do and had to do, but with that Sacrifice I bought back mankind for God, and defeated death and the Prince of Darkness.  On that third day, Father lifted Me up from the grave, still in a body of flesh but in a new body.  Look fear not, I have gone before you and await you. 
You Children of God shine, you are Lights to the Nations, the Father and I look at the Earth from Heaven and we see Lights, shining in the darkness, some Nations, some Cities, some Churches.  Some have more Light than others but the Lights are still coming on throughout the Earth and when the final Light goes on in the last Nation there will be a Halo of Light around the World – then shall I return for My Church.
You will see Me return in the same way I left.  I will split the Mount of Olives and there will no longer be any doubt as to who truly I Am.

I will come in power and Redeem Israel.  But for those still in darkness, it will be too late.
For them there will be a terrible silence.
Based on John 1 v 1-14

13 January 2011

Mother Teresa

"I want to belong to God." 
"I'm just a pencil in the hands of God."

I Thank God For you

 I Thank God For You
You are such a blessing to me today
The way you smile and talk to me
I am lonely there is no one here
I thank God for you 
You came by just to say hello
To see if you could do anything for me
Go to the grocery or fix me some food
Mop the floor or dust the furniture
I thank God for you 
Not many folks care about people like me
You were born with a gift that others can see
Loving and care for me this day
Soon as you leave I knell and pray
for this dear one that made my day
I thank God for you
Written by: Sarah Berthelson


Fruit that guarantees your promises as fact  (Gal 5:22)
  The firmness of your Word, proven and exact.
Assurance and evidence of things unseen (Heb 11:1)
  That mountain will move and think it routine (Matt 17:20, I Cor 13:2)
Imparts understanding of God's infallible Word (Heb 11:3 ) 
  Insures my confidence, my spirit is stirred
Thankful for the covenant of salvation's plan
  That you have extended to every man (Eph 1:13)
Healing, salvation, all things through it I can do(Mk 5:34, Mk10:52, 
  Lk 8:48,Lk  7:50)  My shield and my victory, thank you Jesus for 
  FAITH in you. (Eph 6:16, I John 5:4)

Annette M. Parrott

4 January 2011

استاندار تهران از برخورد شدید با مسیحیان تبشیری خبر داد

مرتضی تمدن، استاندار تهران گفته است که اخیرا تعدادی از سران مسیحیان تبشیری در تهران بازداشت شده اند و عده دیگری هم در آینده نزدیک بازداشت خواهند شد.
آقای تمدن روز سه شنبه ۱۴ دی (۴ ژانویه) در یک سخنرانی در تهران، مسیحیان تبشیری را که در ایران فعالیت می کنند جریانی "فاسد و منحرف" خواند که افکار خود را "از طریق محافل فرهنگی که در انگلیس دایر است" ترویج می کند.
آقای تمدن توضیح بیشتری در مورد تعداد بازداشت شدگان و هویت آنها نداد، اما اقدامات آنها را مصداق "تهاجم فرهنگی دشمن" خواند.
ماه گذشته گزارش هایی از محکومیت دو کشیش مسیحی که از اسلام به مسیحیت گرویده بودند در شهرهای رشت و شیراز منتشر شده بود، اما مقامات ایران این گزارش ها را تأیید یا تکذیب نکردند.
مسیحیان تبشیری یا اوانجلیست، گروهی از مسیحیان هستند که عقاید مذهبی خود را بین غیرمسیحیان تبلیغ می کنند.
آقای تمدن همچنین گفت که در داخل ایران فعالیت هایی صورت می گیرد که به منزله افتادن در دام "تهاجم فرهنگی" است.
او به عنوان نمونه به بیلبوردی اشاره کرد که در نقاط مختلف شهر تهران نصب شده و روی آن این شعار به چشم می خورد: "مهم نیست کجا زندگی می کنید، مهم این است که خوب زندگی کنید."
استاندار تهران اشاره نکرد که این بیلبورد به چه شرکت یا نهادی تعلق دارد، اما گفت که این گونه فعالیت ها با استفاده از "پول بیت المال" انجام می شود.
آقای تمدن شعار مذکور را دارای "ریشه اومانیستی و ماتریالیستی" دانست و گفت که باید معلوم شود که این جملات از کجا آمده و معنایش چیست.
او در مورد وجود "رگه های انحرافی" در بعضی فعالیت های هنری هشدار داد و گفت: "جریان منحرف و رانده شده اصلاح طلبان که نهم دی از مردم انقلابی ایران سیلی خوردند، در برخی از مراکز فرهنگی تهران لانه کرده اند که باید مراقب این موضوع بود.