1 August 2011

Share the Gospel with Our Life and Our Lips?

Somebody once asked me, “Pastor, which is more important? Witnessing with our life or witnessing with our lips?” Well, that’s like asking which wing of the airplane is most important . . . you have to have both!

When it comes to leading others to Christ, many Christians today think, “Oh, I’ll just live a good life and those people will see how good I am and jump right on board.” Now isn’t that arrogant to think that by our good lives, people will come to Christ? It’s not our lives but the life of the Lord Jesus Christ that they need!

You and I don’t just need to present ourselves and our good works. We also need to tell people the reason for the hope that is in us!

By our words and our actions, we’re to share Christ to the lost and the hurting. You can’t just sit in the lifeboat of a sinking ship and hope everyone else finds it. You have to tell them. So with your words and your actions, share Christ with everyone you can and allow God to draw them to himself!
By  Jack Graham


  1. It was a blessing to be visited by you and even more of a blessing to know how truly we are in God's big family, scattered in different parts of this world, to be His hands and feet...May God bless you and may you be empowered by His Spirit to continue sharing the Good News among the lost. See you again.

  2. Thank you for your comments to me, and for your blog! Have a blessed day!

  3. Good to hear from you. Thank you for visiting our Spiritual Sundays blog and commenting there.