12 July 2011

Are You Obeying God's Warnings?

God does warn us, but we must listen to those warnings.  As Job 33:14-18 says,
For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man does not perceive it.  In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their beds, then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction.  In order to turn man from his deed, and conceal pride from man, He keeps back his soul from the Pit, and his life from perishing by the sword.
God always tries to warn us to keep us out of the pits and to keep our lives from danger.  And He speaks in many different ways.  Sometimes, as we read here, God will speak to us even through a dream.
As I look at my own life, I can see that I have fallen into pits at various times because I did not listen to God's warnings.  There have been times I have been too busy to perceive the fact that God was talking to me.  It wasn't that God wasn't warning me.  He was.  I just had a bunch of other things going on in my life and was not taking time to listen to Him.
He is always faithful to warn us.   It's just that we are not always faithful to listen.  So if you find yourself in a pit today because you did not heed God's warning, just say, "God, I'm sorry."  Repent.  God will forgive you.  And you will be in the position to receive His deliverance


  1. Amen! The warnings are clear and getting louder... praying that more people will wake up from their spiritual stupor and really listen to the Lord and what He has to say/warn about these last of days, as well!!

  2. Great post.

    Many Christians profess to being believers of Jesus Christ, but that it only part of the true faith, as the Book of James tells us, we must also OBEY Jesus Christ.

    Believing AND obeying will bring us much closer to our Lord than simply just believing in Him. Remember, the devil believes, too. --Cliff Harrison