21 April 2011

Young Girl Beautifully Sings My Redeemer Lives

Her name is Brianna Perez, and she has a HUGE voice for her age! She sings My Redeemer Lives in front of her church and does an amazing job. Praise God for giving her such a tremendous talent.


  1. Hey Afsoon :) thanks for visiting the Minstrel Warrior and for your comment :D I think your blog is grand; Jesus rocks and writing about him/for him is just like...the best thing a person can do!! God bless you and your family :D


  2. I'm blessed. I am greatly blessed. I love the song. It has been a while that I haven't heard this song. Praise God for his creation, Brianna Perez, and for using her marvelous voice to glorify His holy name.
    Thanks for sharing this to us, Afsoon and Shapour. God bless you always.

  3. Awwwwwww.....a Hearty AMEN! to that anointed performance. I just prayed for Brianna as I listened. I pray that she never forgets who gave her her voice - and why He gave it to her - to Glorify His name. May she carry this anointing wisely. May it stir the hearts and minds of those whom God will bring into her circle of influence - to be forever changed by His transforming LOVE for ALL mankind.

    God bless the voice and ministry of Brianna and God bless Afsoon for sharing this one voice - a voice that has the powerful anointing - to bring CHANGE to any human heart that has the ears to LISTEN. May they hear the powerful voice of the Holy Spirit - drawing them to the RISEN Christ....our REDEEMER indeed!

    Patrina <")>><