22 February 2011

Howard W. Hunter

"This year, mend a quarrel. Seek out a forgotten friend. Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust. Write a letter. Give a soft answer. Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty in word and deed. Keep a promise. Forgo a grudge. Forgive an enemy. Apologize. Try to understand. Examine your demands on others. Think first of someone else. Be kind. Be gentle. Laugh a little more. Express your gratitude. Welcome a stranger. Gladden the heart of a child. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth. Speak your love and then speak it again."

1 comment:

  1. what can i say it's a lovely sentament.
    why have a grudge in the first place.
    why forgive an enemy, when you can forgive all your enemy's.
    why place demands on others in the first place.
    you should always think of someone else first.
    being kind and gentle should forever be within you.
    dont laugh a little more laugh allot more it's great.
    snterments are great but we need to go farther than that we should be as christ like as we can, dont hold back, give it your all and your see the true greatness of our FATHER IN HEAVEN AND OUR GOD