6 February 2011


  1. Hi Afsoon!
    The peacock picture reminds me of a true story - Charles Darwin, the man who came up with the theory of evolution as we know it, said that there was one structure that defied his evolutionary theories....that structure was the eye. Whether a human eye or animal eye, the complexity of the eye rendered his Godless theories useless.

    He himself said that the feathers of a peacock made him "cold inside" because the spots always reminded him of "eyes"...and the simple existence of eyes proves that there is a Designer and a Creator, and that Darwin got it all wrong.

    Darwin dislike peacocks because of this, which makes me love them! :-) :-)

  2. Your blog is beautiful! Thank you for stopping by Seven Branches. I would be honored if you would continue to follow. It was a joy to meet you! The Lord bless! Cheri