18 January 2011


There was silence and darkness, a void of emptiness.
Then Father God and I spoke, “The Word” “I and The Father are one”.  -  I was The Architect at His side.
At the sound of His voice, at His Word, were all things made and nothing in creation was made without Him and The Word.
There then unfolded the Earth and the Sun, the Moon and the Planets set perfectly timed like a gigantic clock, all timed so that the Earth could support the Life intended to give seasons, to support life and growth.  Also was the rest of the Universe formed, not by the work of hands, or sweat of the brow – but by The Word.  Then we said, let’s create Man – a living Being and in our own image – so we created Man and placed him in Paradise and we loved man and woman as were created, and then we said how will we and man know if man loves us truly.
We decided to give man a choice.
Man made the wrong choice and darkness fell down to earth and still remains in places to this very day but the darkness did not overcome The Light and The Light still shines in darkness.  But there is darkness in men still because they have not understood The Light.
We gave man the Law through the Prophets and scribes wrote down our Words so you could read and believe.  We told them of things we had planned to take place, but most men’s eyes were blind and their ears stopped.  We loved and still love man, so as planned I myself would descend to the Earth in The Flesh.
Ahead of Me I sent my Messenger John who had the Spirit of Elizah.  He was to proclaim My coming.  I came into the World in the Flesh, Son of Man, Son of God.  Son of God yes but fully human, I could do nothing by myself only what The Father showed Me and told Me to do.  I was born Jew in the Nation I had created and loved, but a Nation led by blind guides and hypocrites and full of corruption.  They heard My words and saw the miracles I performed and deep down they knew the truth was in Me, but still they rejected Me.  Yet there were those who believed in Me and My Name to these I gave and still give the right to be Children of God.
I wept for that nation but in the Flesh could do nothing and the choice, the decision, was theirs’  They rejected Me and had Me crucified as I knew they would do and had to do, but with that Sacrifice I bought back mankind for God, and defeated death and the Prince of Darkness.  On that third day, Father lifted Me up from the grave, still in a body of flesh but in a new body.  Look fear not, I have gone before you and await you. 
You Children of God shine, you are Lights to the Nations, the Father and I look at the Earth from Heaven and we see Lights, shining in the darkness, some Nations, some Cities, some Churches.  Some have more Light than others but the Lights are still coming on throughout the Earth and when the final Light goes on in the last Nation there will be a Halo of Light around the World – then shall I return for My Church.
You will see Me return in the same way I left.  I will split the Mount of Olives and there will no longer be any doubt as to who truly I Am.

I will come in power and Redeem Israel.  But for those still in darkness, it will be too late.
For them there will be a terrible silence.
Based on John 1 v 1-14

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