20 December 2010

Act of Love

We have all been told,
God created the heavens and the earth.
Unfathomable, but nevertheless - true.
He did this not just by His perfect wisdom,
but most importantly, by His love. 
It was not something that He had to do, 
but rather something that He chose to do.
Just as a man expresses his love for a woman,
God expressed His love for his creation.
He spoke light and darkness into existence
and segregated the sky and the waters.
The delicate flowers are like love notes,
and the moon - a box of chocolates. 
He taught the stars how to shine, 
and carefully numbered each.
He created the birds, to keep the trees company,
the sun to penetrate the mountains,
and the fish to fill up the sea.
But most importantly, he created us humans,
to commune with our Maker. 
He did all of this to express His love for us.
And once he had finished this intricate design -
he smiled and rested. 
That is why everyday when I examine the earth, 
which He securely holds in the palm of his hand,
I close my eyes and think of Him
Written by: Debbie Enyidah

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